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Monaco's Tour Odéon

We are all well aware of Monaco's lavish and extraordinary lifestyle, where wealthy people love to spend their time, after all there are around two thousand millionaires and around fifty billionaires among population of 36,371 people living there, believe it or not! Known as a tax free heaven it is just one of the reason why it is number one for rich and famous, if you add to that amazing climate with plenty of summer of days all over the year, with tradition and history, you can hardly ask for anything similar! With all this said there's a big thing coming to Monaco, and I mean really really big! Because the £250million Monaco penthouse comes with infinity pool that will probably be sold for a sky high price, since I Believe those big boys won't let their hands from it that easily! :) Tour Odéon will be the Mediterranean coastline's second tallest building when it is completed next year, and it will be equipped with a health centre, multiple swimming pools and an in-house caterer, the building will offer its residents a 24/7 concierge service and a private chauffeur... honestly can you ask for more? :) I'll be modest and I'd say that I would be satisfied with only one flat, because there will be 70 of them, so having one with a splendid view on the Mediterranean Sea is all I can ask for, you see I am not asking for much :) Also, if you haven't knew Tour Odéon is the first new skyscraper to have been built in Monaco since the 1980s. Prince Rainier, who was then the country's ruler, decided to half the construction of tall buildings on the shoreline over worries they were destroying the principality's character. But in 2009 his son and successor Albert reversed that decision and greenlit the Tour Odéon project, and he did a pretty good thing, Bravo Prince Albert this was just what Monaco needed! I can't wait for this 49-story building be done because I can already assume it's opening will be spectacular and it will complement to Monaco's beauty. Now take a deep breath and enjoy in these captivating photos of rich environment that will indulge the life of multi-millionaires and billionaires.



Few more photos in bigger resolution!

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