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Sexy Golden Reindeers In Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris tend to surprise us a lot lately, I still have plenty of impressions from Elie Saab exhibition in the George V lobby and now THIS??? WOW! I mean I am absolutely amazed, these Sexy Golden Reindeer's look absolutely breathtaking and George V Paris is not missing out any occasion to point out how amazing their ability to enchant and delight is, that is just one of the reasons which makes this hotel iconic and worth visiting. Sublime and absolutely breathtaking presentation deserves all congratulations and this wonderful masterpiece by Jeff Leatham who is artistic Director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris is just adorable, magnificent and worth admiration. There are plenty of New Years Presentations all around the world but this one if by far my favorite! I wish to all of you staying who plan to stay in Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris pleasing and happy stay :)


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