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Only 50 Bugatti Veyrons Left For Sale

Only 50 Bugatti Veyron's are left for sale!!! Yes, you heard me right! If this sexy beast was part of your whislist then be warned... because this fastest and the most luxurious car is going to the history. I still can not believe this is for real! My favorite car design Bugatti Veyron is coming to an end of it's existence, before I even had a chance to posses it myself! What were Volkswagen-owners thinking about? ... not about me and other people who share same passion for this luxury babe! I am sure this decision will break plenty of hearts as mine is already broken... But don't worry maybe this is introduction for something unthinkable yet, since Volkswagen company is expected to launch even better sporty car, and that's something to look forward!

Keep Being Provocative.

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