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Irina Shayk For Maxim USA July, August 2014

Fabulous Russian model comes in even more fabulous issue for For Maxim USA July, August 2014, photographed by Russell James. This is just one more in a row amazing edition's from ultimate girl Irina Shayk in which besides her dashing photos you can also get to know more about her. What I liked the most is her saying "I am not a size 0! Thank God! Because that’s how I got my West Village apartment.", trust me Irina we are also happy that you are not size 0, about whose curves would we be crazy about then? :)

On haters: “I don’t care about people’s opinions, and neither does [boyfriend] Cristiano [Ronaldo]. Some people like you; some people hate you. You have to be strong.”

On acting: “Every time I get a script, it’s, like, bartender…stripper… And I don’t think I would make a bad bartender or stripper, you know? But Greek mythology! Irina is a Greek name, so I think: Maybe it’s destiny?”

On modeling: “For me, it’s business, not a hobby, like, ‘Oh, I got $20,000 and I’m going to spend it on shoes!’ What’s the part I enjoy the most? The financial part. The independence.”

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