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The best way to describe Vogue is to listen to one of the most popular characters of the TV show "Sex and the City" Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie ( S.J.P.) had one of the most awesome sentences ever about Vogue..... Vogue magazine is the one who has influenced American society over hundred years, after a short period it's influence spread into Europe also. Vogue has gone through many changes and hes created a market for women's magazines.
Vogue was founded in 1892. by Arthur Baldwin Turnure. Turnure's original version was a weekly journal aimed for high society women and gentlemen. That soon changed in 1909. when Conde Nast bought Vogue. Nast had a constant need to expand his company and the magazine had evolved to reflect the modern women. In 1916 he established a separate British Vogue and later a French Vogue. At first Vogue editors depended on French designs, but that soon changed during WW II . The magazine started to look for American designers and even started Vogue fashion shows which lead to the growth of American designers and fashion houses. Conde Nast died in 1942. and Time Magazine said that "for generation he was the man from whom millions of American women got most of their ideas, directly or indirectly,  about the desirable standard of living". The Conde Nast corporation still lives on today and owns many magazines.

Take a look at some old Vogue cover's

You can see even more of this covers here, there is so many pictures that i couldn't even make up my mind which one to post. 

Today Vogue legacy lives through Anna Wintour, noted  for her trademark bob cut and her practice of wearing sunglasses indoors. Since she became editor in chief of American Vogue in 1988. she worked to protect the magazine's high status among fashion publication's. Because before she was appointed head of Vogue, Grace Mirabella had been editor in chief for 17 years and the Magazine had become a bit boring which lead Conde Nast executives to worry mainly because of rising Elle. And so Conde Nast publisher's brought 38 year old Wintour - who through British Vouge had become known for her ability to radically shake things up. Today Anna Wintour is being one of the most influential figures in the global fashion industry with the power to make or break a designer's career, her power in fashion industry is so enormous that she was able to have Milan fashion week rescheduled once so she could go home before attending the shows in Paris. It is even rumored that she influenced Kate Middleton's choice of designer for her wedding dress. Runway shows don't start until she arrives. Trends are created or crippled on her command. She is also responsible for being the first to put celebrities instead of just models on Vogue covers.


Reading about Anna Wintour I must say her figure reminded me so much of Priestly from "The Devil Wears Prada". And so it was, a former personal assistant of Anna Wintour who was actually the one that wrote the 2003 best selling roman The Devil Wears Prada, later made into a successful film, a fashion editor believed to be based on Wintour.

Coincidence..... i don't think so :)

She was also the focus in 2009 of another film "The September Issue".
So if you haven't watched these two movies so far, watch them, because you don't know what your missing.

Vogue also created a global initiative "Fashion's Night Out" in order to help boost the economy by bringing fashionistas to support price retails, also Wintour's idea. In 2005 Conde Nast also launched Men's Vogue and Teen Vogue. Under the guidance of Anna Wintour the magazine has expanded beyond only reporting cultural and political issues and presenting fashion trends, and is now considered to validate new designs and designers. Vogue continually seeks out, presents and promotes new ideas regarding clothing, accessories, and beauty products, and as a magazine entertains, educates, and guides millions of women.

But Vogue's influence doesn't stop there. When pop icon like Madonna makes a song about you, it should represent your greatness and popularity, and just that she did for Vogue.

Check one of Vogue editorials, this one is from 2003. with Natalia Vodianova, i liked this editorial mainly because it is interesting and because of designers role in it : )

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