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Leather Pants Trend

One of the - Must Have - items this fall/winter are definitely Leather Pants. Even tho it is not close yet but for fall/winter you simply can't go wrong with them since they look amazing with almost everything you wear. With high heels or not, your Leather Pants will rock your look. Take a look at some amazing examples, i am so madly in love with them.

Victoria Beckham is actually the one who started this Leather Pants trend

Kim Kardashian seems to like Leather Pants a lot

This two examples are perfect for me... so simple, so beautiful.

Don't forget to get into pair of sexy Leather Pants and rock your look.

Until next time your PW <3


  1. I love them and their timeless character, even had a post about them when I got some leather finish from Zara

  2. Really love this trend! I also talked about it.. It's so easy to wear and yet you always look fashionable!

  3. Definitely a must have, unfortunately mine don't fit me anymore since I gained a few kilos these past few weeks :/
    But I really love your post and your blog, so I followed you :)

    1. Tnx for following me dear :)
      I also love your blog and tumblr especially <3

  4. Amazing! I love every outfit. these girls are looking very stylish and indicating the fashion era. But i have noticed that girls who carried Louis Vuitton purse are looking glamorous. These handbags definitely raising their personality,

  5. Your dress Picture is so interesting. I like this post. Thanks for this post. I am waiting to see your next fashion, style or lather style. I have a blog where I am positing for leather clean you are welcome to visit our site.


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