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Christian Dior - Spring, Summer 2013 Lady Dior Handbags

Christian Dior - Lady Dior Handbags are once again representing their spring/summer campaign with actress Marion Cotillard, and this time the campaign is photographed in Hamptons beach. Even tho we already had a chance to see Dior bags in various editorials in all candy and bright colors. Bags are styled with classic, traditional look and with three-dimensional flowers that made handbags fit perfectly for spring/summer spirit.

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  1. Not all Hazard guess handbags mortal personalization on the fastening pulls. Also, the brand "Speculation by Prizefighter" is the upscale edition so your mark on image two is inaccurate. Eventually, coating in the bags would never be leather - just material or satin.Thanks for protecting the brand!!!

  2. Gorgeous! These are some great creative styling! I love how in the third photo, the girl was styled in nude colors almost matching the sands on the beach and how my eyes go immediately towards the popping color of the handbag. That is indeed a smart ad campaign for Christian Dior. Of course, Marion Cotillard is gorgeous, as always. The first photo, I think, is a cacophony of bright and popping colors that sets off the pale lavender of the handbag. Great creative styling.
    Julius Horton

  3. Ladies handbags capable of complimenting her looks and also important to understand that your handbag should be perfect to suit the occasion.


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