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Olesya Malinskaya

She has it all, beautiful face, amazing hot looking body, sense for fashion and style, and intelligence to combine all the named attributes in order to make the most talked and followed IT girl around the globe. Russian beauty Olesya Malinskaya set the heights for all girls who want to be famous and provocative and to live a wealthy jetset life. Former Russian model become noticed first by her remarkable style, always setting new heights in fashion trends which in no time made her a fashion idol. Her photos got spread over the Internet instantly. She is everywhere where rich and famous people are, all the exotic destinations and happenings can't go without beauty. She indulges us all with her photos from all the tropic and luxurious places she attends that's why she is my number one provocative woman of today and I am sure you can't resist her gorgeous face. This lovely IT girl become style icon and she recently created her first fashion line, that become very popular, and how can it not be when all the designs are perfect example of how provocative woman should be.

You can follow this fabulous girl on her Facebook and Instagram profile as she is truly inspiring and glamorous! A true class!

Keep Being Provocative.

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