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Royal Blue Beauty

No matter what color's are hot at the moment there are always those IT colors that are handy, when ever you feel like wearing them. And royal blue is absolutely color that meets all criteria to be one of the most wanted, reasons for it are many. Royal blue and shades of it inexpressibly reminiscent on luxurious and opulent look. And what made me start loving Royal blue the most is because it fits amazingly with golden jewelry and accessories. By that being said it definitely become one of my latest obsession even tho I never had any royal blue piece before, but the funny thing is after I saw some cool examples it definitely made me think into royal blue direction. Still, even tho royal blue is far from my favorite color, I am ready to cheat on white with it ... I don't know about you but when ever I want to buy some new clothes instead to give it a try to a new hue I just stick to white, I should stop being so stubborn and play more with colors. How about you?

Keep Being Provocative.

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  1. do you happen to know where the short dress with the cap sleeves and the lady wearing the white necklace is from? thanks!


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