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Strong is new sexy!

If you are one of those girls promising yourself that every next Monday you will start with your gym routine, then you should start working on that immediately instead of just giving promises to yourself. Being a girl that doesn't take care of her body shape isn't really in. Every provocative woman out there knows that looking good is absolutely highest priority because it will make you feel good about yourself, confident and happy. Don't lie to yourself with comments "look doesn't matter" because it does, yes sure your personality matters also but who is going to see it under your fat? Oh noes, have I just sound "a bit" harsh, maybe I did for some, but if you plan to dodge your mirror all your life then be my guest. So the message to all provocative babes is clear, get your a** out and practice if you haven't already because strong and confident is absolutely new sexy! 

Keep Being Provocative.


  1. If you want to be provocative woman, then workout should be part of your (almost)every day routine...
    Great and important post!

  2. For a good look takes a lot of training, just like in the pictures


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