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With healthy habits to happy life

Keeping your priorities and goals today can easily be distracted by numerous daily commitments. But if you manage to maintain your healthy habits, you are on a track to lead a happy and successful life. One of the ways to fulfil your dream life and your life goals is to set rules for yourself starting from early morning to late night. You should know that everything we do today will have an effect on our future, so why waste today instead to do something that will matter for your future? That is the reason why I decided to describe how a perfect day should look like, it contains healthy habits and routines that might inspire some of our provocative women. This list shouldn't be a dream list but a set of guides that will replenish your life with excellence.

1. Wake up at 07:00 AM is ideal time to get up, you will have just enough time for to prepare for your daily obligations

2. And what better way to refresh your morning then with a bath... how relaxing

3. "It's better to arrive late then ugly" ... Yes I agree with it, so before you go out do not forget about your make-up, just a light daily make up to sparkle your face is enough

4. The part of the day I hate sometimes, do you feel the same? It is the moment when you come to your wardrobe and don't know what to wear... how topical. Well, there is no best advice for this problem, the only thing I can say is "Defeat your demons inside of you" and don't let them make you think you gain weight, instead feel positive and dress like you are ready to conquer the world.

5. Morning breakfast is a must have, it is the most important meal of the day since it boost your organism with vitamins. Over the spring/summer days I prefer salads or fruits with a glass of orange juice, since nothing can be so refreshing.

BUT BUT BUT - In case you happen to be just a bit late ( it happens to best of us ) then take your breakfast with you while going to work :)

6. The time has come to go to work, no matter what you do weather it is your dream job or just something temporarily always give your best.

7. Depending from your work you can always use a break time for yourself, and that time I use to spend with my Facebook page and my dear followers :) While Some of you probably use that time to go for a lunch, what ever you do in your work free time make it fabulous!

Lunch with a majestic view looking on your town is something you should indulge yourself with! 

8. After you finished with your work, next on my list is gym time.. every provocative woman should take care of herself that's why keeping your body fit and in shape is high on a priority list.

9. Next on a list is the time for yourself, it should be 19.00 by now and you are free to do what ever makes you happy. You can go back your home and chill Alone with your thoughts, sometimes being alone helps you to solve everything that bothers you.

10. If one of your goals is to be independent-bossy woman, then next to your work it is necessary to work on your own projects also, all of them takes a time but that shouldn't let you down. Give priority to your dreams and sooner or later they will all come true, as long as you are persistent, and that is exsactly what I do..

12. At the end of the day you can choose to go for a drink with your friends or stay home alone and simply relax, the choice is yours - do what ever makes you feel happy :) And remember a glass of wine gives a opulent touch to your daily routine.

All above mentioned is how I see one perfect working day, you do how it suits you but how ever you organaize your day make it functional and joyful.

Keep Being Provocative.

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